Georgia Banana Pudding Festival Winner Goes on to Win National Festival

Crumbley Wins National Banana Pudding Cook Off
Media Release: October 2, 2016

Kelly Crumbley’s banana pudding is the best according to

the judges at the National Banana Pudding Festival Cook Off

held Saturday, October 1, 2016, in Centerville, Tennessee. 

Kelly was up and at it early Saturday morning as she and nine other contestants gathered to prepare before judges and spectators their tried and true, award winning banana puddings. 

Contestants were given one hour to complete their pudding masterpieces. Judges walked around as the contestants worked, chatting with them about techniques and ingredient choices. Judges and the contestants were the only ones allowed on stage during the competition. Once the puddings were out of the oven. Contestants were allowed 15 minutes to set up their puddings and table decorations.

Crumbly was invited to submit her recipe to the panel at the National Festival because of her win in the State Banana Pudding Festival held in Irwinton, Georgia last April. 

“We are so impressed with Kelly. She came to the State Banana Pudding Festival last April and with some very stiff competition, walked away with the win,” Donna Asbell, State Banana Pudding Festival organizer said. 

Asbell, her husband Roger Bacon, Judy Brown, festival organizer and her husband Gary Brown went out to join Kelly and her family at the the National festival in Centerville.

“This was our second year sending a winner to the National competition, so we knew what to expect, we knew how the judging worked, but we were blown away by Kelly’s win,” Brown said. 

Kelly left the festival with $2,000 in prize money, a beautiful gift basket and bragging rights.